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History Of Electrohomeopathy


Hippocrates (460-350 B.C) the father of medicine, wrote by "Similar things a disease is Produced and through the applicaon of like it is called," Hippocrates in an oblique manner recognised the natural ability of the body is cure itself, he also recognised symptoms of disease as the expression of natures healthy power.Aer Hippocrates among the founders of medicine Greek physician Galen (130 200A.D) wrote of natural cure by the likes. In fieenth century a Swiss physician and medical reformer Dr. Theophatus Von bombast (1493-1541), who adopt the Pseudonym 'Paracelsus' stated that every diseased organ had its corresponding remedy in nature. He also prepared drugs from plants by taking out their essences.Dissasfied with contemporary medical pracce Italian herbalist "Count Cesare Maei" (1809-1896) was much influenced by the works of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy, but Maei believed in the cure of cause of disease, while in homeopathy the role Cause of disease is regarded secondary as the system of medicine is based upon symptomac treatment. In India now a days Electrohomeopathy is developing very fast as a new fih plant oriented system of medical science. It believes that plant is the only link, which unites the organic and inorganic creaon of the world. Plant is acng as an important media through which all energies of inorganic world flows to the animal world. So Electrohomeopathy believes that plant kingdom is the only source, where collecon of whole medicine is present.Electrohomeopathy also believes in the dictum of 'SIMILIA' and this is the only similarity between Electrohomeopathy & homeopathy. Like Homeopathy, Electrohomeopathy has wider concept. Electrohomeopathy remedy is a harmoniocs union of several combined medicines.The name is derived from a combinaon of electro (referring to an electric bio energy content supposedly extracted from plants and of therapeuc value rather then electricity in its convenonal sence) and Homeopathy (Referring to an alternave medicinal phyilosophy developed by samuel Hahnemann in 18th century)

Prof. Harvinder Singh

M.D. Alchemy, Bathinda, Punjab

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