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Electrohomoeopathy is new scienfic system of treatment by which equilibrium between the blood and lymph along with the physical and chemical consistancy of the cell is established in a same manner as that of healthy state of the body. This is achieved by expelling out the disturbance in the body with the exchange of OD force (Medicinal force) of the plant along with purificaon of blood and lymph.


The Electrohomoeopathic medicines are used in spageric form means they do not act on the basis of physical, chemical and physiological characteris cs. The electrohomoeopathy remedies are in complex form. Because of their spageric nature, the constuents of the remedy cure the disease simultaneously and at the same me without interfering or interacng with one another. Every disease shows it's effect on various system of the body. So, disease also is in complex form


The sun is the main source of energy. The earth derives this energy from the sun Human body consumes and ulise this energy of the sun and the Earth. Like magnet, Earth is also having North pole and south Pole Energy flows North pole to South Pole. In human body energy flows from head to toe in d same manner as that of the earth and magnet. The energy always flows from North pole to south pole and from posive to negave. This phenomenon of energy flow is known as law of polarisaon


As per this principle the drug substance which becomes responsible to originate disease in the healthy human body, becomes the medicine for the same disease if properly used


B. Reichenbach explained that the magnec energy, electric energy, light energy and sound energy are all related with one power known as 'OD' force Human body receives this 'OD' force from sun, rain, earth, lighng and nature. This 'OD' force is absorbed by the plants. in electrohomoeopathy this 'OD' force is extracted from the plants in the form of spageric essence


In human body metabolism in a natural process. Metabolism have direct effect on lymphac system and circulatory system. The blood and lymph becomes impure if lymphac and circulatory system gets affected. Defecve blood and lymph generates disease. This means that effecve metabolism pre vents the disease in a natural way. Electrohomoeopathy accepts this principle of nature. It also accepts this principle of nature. It also accepts that human body has a fix natural constuon


from north Pole to south Role and from Posive to negave. This phenomenon of energy flow is known as low of Polarisaonal

Principle of Constuons

The Physical set up of the human body is called a constuon. The Constuon Includes parcular tendances. of the person to suffer from specific styles of disease - family. Canalions, environmental. Condions and Social Condions are having direct relaonship with the Constuon of the Person..
1) Lymphac Constuon
2)Sanguine Constuon
3) Mixed Constuon

Lymphac Constuons

The person with Lymphac Condi Constuon shows infeconof lymphac system. The person of Lymphac may show any of the following Symptoms
(a) Pale discolouraon of skin, Conjuncve and mucus membrane etc.
(b) less muscle tone
(c) uneven fat deposion.
(d) Improper Digeson
(e) Cold and clamy skin
(f) weakness, laziness and cowerdiliness.

Sanguine Constuon

The Person shows infecon of blood and circulatory System. Such Persons. have tendancy to suffer from diseases of heart, spleen, liver etc.

Sanguine Constuon Symptoms

(a) Headache
(b) High blood pressure
(c) Over excitement
(d) Flushed face
(e) Vergo
(f) resistant to common cold
(g) Females show early mensuraon in early
(h) Red shining.

Mixed & Constuon

If the paent is not treated forlongme, the Paent suffers from the disorderof both blood & lymph. Then the person shows. Symptoms of both lymphac and Sanguine Constuon such person is called asthe persons of mixed Constuon.

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