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Life History Of Count Cesare Mattei


After years of devoon of experiments with medical plants in 1865. He introduced his new medical science 'Electrohomeopathy' based on the ethiology of the disease namely the theory of humors of Hippocrates and Galen. Electrohomeopathy was devised by Cesare Mael (1809-1896) in the laer part of the 19thcentury. Dr. Count Cesare Maei was born on 11 Jan 1809 at balgona city of Italy. He received haseducaon of higher standards. Maei become young and because of his father death, in the youngage itself, he had shouldered the responsibility of land lordship.The war started between Rome & Austria in 1847. The Maei donated a big part of estate to the naon. The pope was pleased by seeing his naonalist atude and honoured him as Count. He was also promoted as Lt. Col of army. Mael also worked as a magistrate for few years. He was not geng complete sasfacon. So he resigned from the parliament.C.C. Mael made his devoon to the medical science, he studied different medical sciences. He was very much influence by the work of Dr. Hahnemann, but he found the principle of Homeopathy has certain limitaons. He studies for many years & introduced the new medical science "Electrohomeopathy" to the world in 1865. He has devoted about 25 years of his for promoon and development of Electrohomeopathy. The Electrohomeopathy was admired by well-known person of different countries throughout the world. Dr. Count Ceaser Maei, The great scienst died on 4th September 1896. When the count maei aged in 1887, he had handed over his all work is his adopted son Mario Venturoli Maei. Mae had wrien his 1st book in 1874 in Italian language, which was them published in other language. Electro Homeopathy is perfected Homeopathy way by the discover of new therapeuc agents, acng on blood & lymph. When it giving to the organism the power necessary to cast of the morbid element which injurit.



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